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ISO 55001

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ISO 55001:2014 sets and specifies requirements to the content of an asset management system. This includes establishment and construction, implementation, maintenance and improvement.

The standard is primarily aimed at companies with large and expensive physical assets (such as electric power plants, utilities (water, heating and cleansing), grid companies, wind parks, shipyards, harbor facilities, refineries and so on).

An asset management system is used by the company to coordination and control of the management activities related to the physical assets. Asset management system adds an improved risk management and ensures that the goals of the standard can be achieved in a controlled way.

Asset management system ensures an economical balance, environmental and social costs, risks, quality of service and performance related to the facilities of the company.

the Benefits of an iso 55001 certification

  • An improved financial result: Improvement of investment return and reduction of costs while maintaining the asset value by averting short-term goals in the organization
  • Objective and factual investment decisions: It enables the company to improve the decisions that create and effectively balance, costs, risks, opportunities and results
  • Risk management: Reduction of economical loss, improving health and security, goodwill and reputation, and minimizing the environmental and social impacts. In addition, in form of lower insurance, premiums, fines and penalties, this can result in fewer obligations.
  • Improved performance and delivery security – output: The performance of the facilities is improved, and stakeholders are satisfied – it may even happen that it exceeds the stakeholder’s expectations
  • Demonstrate social responsibility: Improving the organizations’ ability to reduce emissions, conserve resources and adapt to necessary climate actions. At the same time, it is possible to demonstrate social responsibility and ethical business practices
  • Demonstrate Law Enforcement: The transparency improves – and there will be compliance between Legal and Regulatory Requirements and Plant Operation Standards


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