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certification of Mortar and building lime

Bureau Veritas Denmark A/S

Bureau Veritas Denmark A/S performs accredited certification of mortar and building lime. Mortar must be CE marked in Denmark and other EU countries according to EN 998 series.

For functional mortars, there is a requirement for certification of the manufacturer's FPC system (system 2+).

For prescription mortars, certification is not required (system 4), but for most sales reasons, most manufacturers choose to allow production to be subject to external control. Very little mortar is marketed today in Denmark without 3rd party monitoring.

For building lime, there is a requirement for certification of the manufacturer's FPC system according to EN 459-1 (system 2+).

Product standards

At Bureau Veritas Denmark A/S, the certification of mortar and building lime production includes the following product standards.

  • EN 459-1 Building lime
  • EN 998-2 Masonry mortar

New standards are constantly being monitored according to customer needs. Bureau Veritas Denmark A/S continuously ensures up-to-date knowledge of developments in the mortar and building lime area nationally as well as internationally.

Since February 1999, Bureau Veritas Denmark A/S has carried out accredited product certification in the field of factory concrete, lightweight concrete, concrete elements, concrete products, additives and aggregates, and since then several building products have been added continuously.

In addition to the concrete professional expertise in the field of concrete, Bureau Veritas Denmark A/S' Lead Auditors are experienced in quality, environment and work environment. This ensures optimal integration of the various certification schemes as well as savings for the certified company.


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