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Enterprise Risk helps you not to go stray

Do you know that a certification of the company’s Enterprise Risk gives you the following key benefits?

  • Ensuring a consistent implementation of your management systems

  • Ensuring goal compliance

  • Ensuring reputation

  • Obtaining improvements continually


More than one of
three companies...

...handle the safety of their information systems through an ISO 27001 certification or a similar standard.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

ISO 27001 is one of the fastest growing management systems in the world. ISO 27001 is part of a comprehensive family of standards determining requirements in connection with safe information management in organisations of all sizes and sectors.
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6 out of 10


...have one or several procedures covering: Data protection, information safety and business continuity.

Source: Based on an investigation made by Bureau Veritas in the summer of 2017.

ISO 37001 anti-bribery

Corruption is a serious threat against any organisation. The implementation of a management system based on ISO 37001 Anti-bribery gives you the opportunity to make procedures to prevent, discover and control the risk of bribery within your organisation. It will also help you ensure that those working on behalf of the company (partners, sub suppliers, suppliers or distributors) carry out their business with integrity. 

A certification with ISO 37001 Anti-bribery demonstrates compliance with the law and transparency by opening up to external inspections of your policies and processes against bribery. 

Earlier the IT company Atea was involved in a large case about bribery. Since then the company has made a large effort to break with all unethical behaviour. Atea has thus been certified according to the global ISO 37001-standard about anti-bribery. 
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GDPR data protection

EU's general data protection regulation tighten the inspection of companies handling personal information about EU citizens wherever they are placed. As a result, Bureau Veritas has developed a technical standard and a voluntary certification program based on the regulation. 

Every day the number of digitalised activities and operations increase. Therefore, it is important that you show your customers, employees and other stakeholders that you respect their right for privacy and take data safety seriously. Today consumers are very alert when it comes to misuse of data, as private life is not only a question of safety but also trust. To inspire trust in how you handle data, it is important to not just implement suitable management procedures but to also achieve a certification.
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ISO 55001 management system

Assets come in all sizes and shapes and can either be a competitive advantage or a resource killer for your company. With ISO 55001 you get a management system which helps organisations keep track of the lifetime of their assets – from purchase, implementation, maintenance, improvement to shutdown and decommissioning.

The management system makes you able to maintain a balance between input (asset) and the  output achieved by the company. Overall you will get a better overview of the risks and costs of each asset.
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ISO 22301 business continuity

Irrespective of your size, location or activities, you will be better prepared for malevolent or unintended incidents with an ISO 22301. Incidents will always disturb your company – whether your are a small, large, public or private organisation. 

With an ISO 22301 you safeguard your company against these incidents so you can continue working uninterruptedly with ongoing businesses.
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