ISO 37001

ISO 37001

Become certified by ISO 37001
Anti-bribery management system

ISO 37001 specifies the requirements for a management system fighting against bribery. The system is designed to help a company prevent, discover and respond to bribery and comply with laws and voluntary commitments.

The ISO 37001-standard defines the requirements for an anti-bribery leading system, including the requirements for defining responsibility and powers, risk assessment, risk management, control (financial and non-financial), definition of rules for gifts and donations, possibility of confidential reporting of suspicions according to bribery, internal audits, management’s evaluation, etc.

An ISO 37001 certification gives the company an advantage over not-certified companies in the fight for customers – especially in the customer segment, where there is a high focus on anti-bribery such as state and international institutions as well as major international companies. In addition, it also gives the certified company a good tool internally to prevent bribery as well as externally when collaborating with subcontractors, customers or business partners acting in risk countries or in risk areas.

the Benefits of an iso 37001 certification

  • The construction of the ISO 37001 management system matches the structure of other management standards and can therefore be relatively related to e.g. The ISO 9001 quality certification
  • It gives a proof, that your company has implemented “fair and proportionate” measures to prevent bribery and law enforcement
  • Improve your company’s reputation and avoiding costs associated with bribery
  • Ensure your company’s integrity to owners, directors, employees, supervisors and business associates
  • Access new business opportunities and business relationships


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