Press Release

Bureau Veritas completes the first certification of energy management


Aug. 24 2019


Bureau Veritas Certification has just completed the world's first ISO 50001 certification of Thermal Power Station of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. in Dahanu, India. “After implementing the energy management system, we have become much more efficient in monitoring energy consumption and many energy savings plans have been incorporated into the development plans. The broad approach has greatly contributed to the factory's excellent results in 2010-11” says Rajendra Nandi, Plant Manager at Reliance Infrastructure, Thermal Power Station in Dahanu, India.

Optimization of operation and environmental considerations

“Energy management is about knowing how much energy your company uses, what you use the energy for, and where the energy comes from. When you have a solid overview of your company's energy consumption, you can assess where you can save. For the benefit of both the environment and the economy,” Lead Auditor Klaus Behrndt says.

Certification is an asset for the manufacturing and processing industries, where large amounts of energy are used. ISO 50001 is a solid tool for analyzing the company's energy consumption. With a certification, the company meets the community's environmental requirements.

What does this mean for future green businesses?

Specific objectives and the establishment of reference points are essential requirements in the standard. Companies are given structured processes that reduce energy consumption, and thus can easily and quickly identify the areas where the company can save energy and money. At the same time, the company's green image is strengthened when the company can show tangible results and sustainable development.

If your company is already working on energy management, the work is not wasted. "If you and your company are already working according to European standard EN 16001, you will probably have to move to ISO 50001 within a transitional period set by DANAK and the Danish Energy Agency," says Lead Auditor Klaus Behrndt.

For more information: Lead Auditor Klaus Behrndt, + 45 7731 1000