Restart your business with BV, Bureau Veritas

Restart your Business with BV

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Restart your Business with Bureau Veritas

All companies prioritise getting back to work as soon as possible with the suitable health, safety and hygiene measures for employees and clients. “Restart your business” is a four step process developed by technical specialists at Bureau Veritas. This process addresses specific risks where people work and go, so suitable safety measures can be implemented to minimise the risk and the transmission.

PhASE 1: start-up of the PROJEcT and preparation

A specialist from Bureau Veritas coordinates a start-up of the work process with the management at the client. At the start-up, the following is discussed: The client’s measures in connection with COVID-19, the extent of the scope, regulations and guidelines.

phase 2: SYSTEM assessment

Our specialist scrutinises different aspects by means of trade specific checklists to help assess how ready you are to return safely to work. The checklist can be extended if the company has other demands. The assessment includes four different subjects: processes, hygiene, people and facilities.

phase 3: AUDIT ON-SITE

Bureau Veritas makes a risk assessment of the client’s portfolio and recommends which areas to select for an audit. The audit discloses to which extent the company’s measures are understood and implemented.

phase 4: RePORTing

When all areas have been audited, our specialist assesses if the content of the checklist is fulfilled. This includes further guidance or corrective measures which must be made to either live up to the law, the company’s own policies or good practice. The results are uploaded to an online platform so they are easily accessible for the company as well as stakeholders.

Bruuns Galleri, is the first in DK to receive a certificate of high health and safety requirements, Bureau Veritas

Bruun's GallerI has received the "SafeGuard Label"

Bureau Veritas has awarded Bruuns Galleri the "SafeGuard Label" and thereby documentation of being in compliance with strict health requirements in this Covid-19 time. Read how Bruun's Gallery has implemented "SafeGuard" here.

Lidl bliver Danmarks første dagligvarekæde med Bureau Veritas SafeGuard certificering

Lidl Danmark har modtaget "SafeGuard-mærket"

Sammen med Lidl Danmark har Bureau Veritas udviklet og implementeret en række strikse procedurer til at mindske risikoen for corona-smitte i deres butikker. Det omfattende arbejde giver nu Lidl den første ”Safeguard”-certificering hos en dansk dagligvarekæde. Læs mere om implementeringen her.


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