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Evaluation and
inspection of cleaning

The Hygiene must be on top

Cleaning and maintenance of process plants is a major and important part of being able to comply with consumers and authorities' requirements for food safety - hygiene must be perfect. Cleaning verification provides the company with a tool for evaluating the cleaning process and its efficiency, as well as for identifying the improvement options. In addition to visual inspection / audit after cleaning, the contractual basis is reviewed, and the inspection is held against what has been agreed. Improvement options are also appointed here. Focus will be:

The inspection / audit is twofold. Firstly, the contractual basis is examined in relation to expectations both from the factory and from the cleaning team, and partly a visual inspection / audit of the cleaning level after the cleaning is completed. The verification contains two cleaning inspections per year per production unit, with 4-6 months between each inspection / audit. The inspections / audits are primarily carried out as a visual inspection of image documentation. Supplementary agreements may be included for any. bacteriological sampling / ATP measurements during the inspection / audit.

A review of the contractual basis with focus on the following areas:

  • Clear guidelines for the extent of cleaning
  • Defined limitations
  • Handling in case of change
  • End level and verification
  • Admission
  • Insurance, training methods and requirements

During the visual cleaning inspection / audit, the following focus areas will come into play:

  • Cleaning
  • Freezer and cold store
  • Dry goods stock
  • Production
  • Access sluices
  • Toilet / crew
  • Office and (possibly) the canteen

The benefits of evaluation and inspection of cleaning   

  • The company gets an effective tool for strengthening food safety through an impartial, targeted review of hygiene status after a normal cleaning end
  • Improvement areas are designated, and focus maintained over time
  • Employees gain new motivation and skills through training
  • The inspection / auditor increases the documentation of hygiene conditions and reduces the risk of negative publicity
  • Written reporting with documentation for internal and external use
  • Issuing a certificate to companies that obtain mine. 80% of the maximum number of points         


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