Kick Off 2022
- Shaping a World of Trust

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Kick Off 2022

At Bureau Veritas’ Kick Off 2022 – Shaping a World of Trust – you are introduced to the latest news within quality, environmental and occupational health and safety issues, cybersecurity, and sustainability. In 2022 the theme of the day is Shaping a World of Trust, and the nine speakers have in common that they all talk about sustainability and cybersecurity.

Program for Bureau Veritas Kick Off 2022

Shaping a world of trust

At Bureau Veritas’ Kick Off 2022 you will be able to meet four keynote speakers and hear about six exiting company cases informing about sustainability and cybersecurity.

The four keynote speakers visiting Bureau Veritas’ Kick Off 2022 are Group CFO, Michael Ebbe from DSV A/S, Jens Myrup Pedersen, Professor in Cybersecurity at Aalborg University and coach of the Danish Cyber National Team, Mogens Lykketoft and Anders Morgenthaler, artist, instructor and climate activist.

In addition to this, you will be able to hear three out of the six company cases from Blue Water Shipping A/S, Statkraft, Everfuel A/S, Kompan A/S, BESTSELLER and Aller Aqua A/S. Read more under each presentation in the schedule of the day.

Michael Ebbe på Bureau Veritas' Kick Off 2022
DSV – the world’s third largest transport and logistics company by Michael ebbe

In 2021 DSV A/S, as the third-largest transport and logistics company in the world, received a multi-certificate covering quality, environmental and occupational health and safety issues in more than five hundred of the company’s offices around the world. Hear more about the company’s future, how DSV A/S succeeded in integrating the acquisition of Panalpina and Global Integrated Logistics (GIL) and why it is so important to work with scalable and standardised processes at DSV A/S.

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Jens Myrup Pedersen, Cyberlandsholdet, Bureau Veritas Kick Off 2022
Cybersecurity in 2022 – what are the hackers doing and what do we do? How to think as a hacker by Jens Myrup Pedersen

An important element in defending yourself against attacks is to understand how different groups of hackers think and work: What is their motive? Which skills and capabilities do they have? And which resources are at their disposal?

At the Kick Off, Jens Myrup Pedersen will tell how different groups of hackers work and how you as a company prepare yourself optimally against an increasingly more complex and serious threat assessment.

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Mogens Lykketoft, forhenværende minister, Bureau Veritas Kick Off 2022
Europe in flames – a new framework for climate, sustainability, and inter-state trade by Mogens lykketoft

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed Europe. We must as citizens, companies and societies prepare ourselves for a new reality which has a substantial effect on our future.

Mogens Lykketoft will analyse the situation and compare the latest events with other historical milestones. In addition to this, he will present his estimate of a new reality and at last assess its meaning for Denmark and the forcing of the green transition.

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Anders Morgenthaler og Anne Ahn på Bureau Veritas Kick Off Seminar 2022
A climate activist in action: Try hard by anders morgenthaler & anne ahn lund

In connection with the development of the comedy Try Hard, it was crucial for Anders Morgenthaler to produce it as climate friendly as possible. Therefore, he hired Ann Ahn as sustainability consultant. Together they succeeded in reducing the carbon footprint with 50% compared to a conventional production. Among other things Anders explains why it is important to put climate on the agenda, and he presents proposals to how Danish film production as well as the Danish industry can be more climate oriented.

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Time and place

This year At Bureau Veritas’ Kick Off 2022 is held in Messe C, Vestre Ringvej 101, 7000 Fredericia. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 11 August from 8:30 to 16.30.



Kari-Anne Larmerud på Bureau Veritas Kick Off 2022
The future’s green energy production is critical infrastructure – and an obvious target of cyber attacks by KARI-ANNE LARMERUD

As the largest energy concern in Norway, Statkraft is a crucial participant in the critical infrastructure. Long ago, criminals, theorists and other vicious persons realised that an attack on energy production is an attack on the whole society. Hear more about Statkraft’s efforts to ensure information security within the company, and how they handle this task globally.

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Thorsten Kranz på Bureau Veritas Kick Off 2022
When hackers hack – information safety when it really matters by thorsten kranz

Blue Water Shipping A/S’ services are supported by a global IT system ensuring that clients can always track packages, containers, ships, etc. and thus stay abreast of their deliveries. Therefore, the company very much depends on its IT systems, and it has – like other companies in the transport business – been attacked by hackers. Hear more about their work with information security, how a hacker attack looks from the inside and their experience in how companies can increase their cybersecurity.

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Thomas Janke på Bureau Veritas Kick Off 2022

Exchange of data is crucial for efficient production at BESTSELLER. Large parts of the digital infrastructure are outsourced to suppliers who, in collaboration with BESTSELLER, must ensure a high level of security and minimisation of cyber risks. Hear more about how BESTSELLER relates to Cybersecurity, their experiences and hear more about tangible solutions within for instance the company’s central logistics function.

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Dorthe Thorup-Kjærulff på Bureau Veritas Kick Off 2022
Kompan goes green and makes the validation of their carbon footprint fun by Dorthe thorup-kjærulff

Kompan A/S has a long tradition of working with quality, environmental issues and sustainability. Each month they design, manufacture and install more than 1000 playgrounds and fitness areas across 90 countries. Hear more about Kompan A/S’ strategy “Go Green” and be inspired by innovative solutions which makes sustainability fun.

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Jacob Krogsgaard på Bureau Veritas Kick Off 2022
Hydrogen and Power-to-X: The energy solution of the future? by jacob krogsgaard

Everfuel A/S is a leading European hydrogen fuel company focusing on commercialising competitive hydrogen for large-scale green transport like busses, trucks and taxi fleets with long-term public relations. At the Kick Off 2022, Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO at Everfuel A/S, is going to tell more about hydrogen opportunities and how to solve for instance distribution challenges. He also gives us an insight into the Triangle Energy Alliance.

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Henrik og Mette fra Aller Aqua på Bureau Veritas Kick Off 2022

Many companies focus on reducing their CO2 footprint but Aller Aqua wishes to go one step further. At the Kick Off 2022 you will hear more about the process and various concrete initiatives like for instance phasing out the purchase of soya from South America. And learn more about why the company wishes to focus on feed with a low CO2 footprint. 

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