APQP4WIND Specialist Refresher Training (Online)


By combining lectures, workshops and practical exercises, the purpose of the online APQP4WIND Specialist Refresher Training is to update and refresh knowledge of the APQP4Wind framework, the rationales behind the changes and to stimulate and mobilize the participants further for implementation.

It is further to present and discuss experience achieved in implementation and use of APQP4Wind as does and don’ts as well as specific cases. It is finally to present the status and directions of the APQP4wind development. 


The target group of the APQP4WIND Specialist Refresher Training is specialists and managers involved in the APQP4Wind process, within sales, quality management, coordination, product- and system development etc. at Windpower suppliers, sub-suppliers, manufacturers and customers.

The APQP4WIND Specialist Refresher Training is an upgrade for anyone, who took the APQP4WIND Specialist Training previously. If you didn’t, please see the APQP4WIND Specialist Training for more information. 


  • Updates of manual, workbook and analysis tool 
  • Presentation of main changes in some detail (ex. DFMEA) 
  • Does and don’ts in implementation of APQP4Wind 
  • Discussion of a specific case (group work) 
  • Presentation of APQP4Wind organization and options to join as member 
  • Changes in OEM subscribing to APQP4Wind 
  • Examples and discussions related to the application, management and implementation of the topics 
  • 25 minutes multiple choice test 

This course is held online. The course material is sent to you by e-mail before the course.

This course includes one APQP4Wind e-manual. The manual will be sent to you before the course.

By enrollment for this course, you accept that your information will be disclosed to the APQP4Wind organization. The information will only be used in connection with the course and not in any other context.

All prices mentioned is excl. VAT.

The course is offered by: Bureau Veritas Certification Denmark A/S.

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