M. Fraser

MODUL 4.A & 4.B
Using Standards, Auditing and Certification to Transition to a Circular Economy Business Model

Sustainability is at a turning point, as governments and businesses seek ways to combat climate change and the severity of plastic waste in food chains and oceans. For many years, businesses have focused on managing environmental impacts; today, they are looking to meet future regulatory requirements and customer expectations.

Today, businesses are rethinking their sustainability strategies, shifting their focus from simply reducing environmental impacts, to moving towards a circular economy business model. This renewable energy-powered model of production and consumption requires companies to rework their linear business models and embrace a closed-loop system for resources and products.

Mark Fraser and Michael Poulsen will discuss how Bureau Veritas can help your business transition towards a Circular Economy through our Circular + Framework, using Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) and Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001) to be more efficient in existing operations and ISO 20400 for Sustainable Procurement.

During this module, the following topics will be covered:

  • What is circular economy?
  • Using certification and standards to transition to a circular economy business model

This presentation will be in English.

Mark Fraser

Mark Fraser, Innovation & Sustainability Business Development Manager,
Bureau Veritas France

introduktion ved Michael Poulsen, Lead Auditor, Bureau Veritas


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