Hansen og søn A/S - Tricolore fejrer 25 års jubilæum med ISO 9001 certificering, Bureau Veritas
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25 years anniversary ISO 9001 certification


This year Hansen & Søn A/S – Tricolore can celebrate that they have been certified for 25 years by Bureau Veritas according to the international quality management standard.

On 22 January 1997 the Danish, family-owned transportation and logistics company, Hansen & Søn A/S – Tricolore, was certified by Bureau Veritas for the first time according to the international quality management standard.

Since then, their certificate has been renewed several times, and this year the company can proudly celebrate their 25 years anniversary working with the ISO 9001 standard. This special occasion was celebrated with anniversary greetings from Bureau Veritas and cake for all 140 employees at the company’s head office in Padborg.

”We are very proud to be able to celebrate 25 years anniversary with our ISO 9001 certification and with Bureau Veritas as certifying body through all of the 25 years,” tells Martina Mohrdieck, Quality Manager at Hansen & Søn A/S – Tricolore. She clarifies why the company is ISO 9001 certified:

”Our ISO 9001 certification is a “seal of approval” of our company’s quality and procedures. This builds trust with existing customers, and it is also a valuable sales parameter towards new customers. At the same time, our quality management system is a great tool in our everyday work.”

More than the ISO 9001 standard

Since the original certification date in 1997, Hansen & Søn A/S – Tricolore has several times extended their cooperation with Bureau Veritas. Today the cooperation includes several certifications, consultancy and training within various areas.

”We chose Bureau Veritas as the certifying body because we wanted a global player who could also offer other certifications, consultancy within different fields and be our course provider,” says Martina Mohrdieck, Quality Manager. She elaborates:

”Today we are certified within ISO 9001:2015 as well as IFS Logistics, and we always use Bureau Veritas for training in for instance HAACP. Bureau Veritas has also been our safety advisor for many years, and they have held several tailored courses at our place within transport of dangerous goods.”

Therefore, Hansen & Søn A/S – Tricolore is certain that no matter which opportunities and challenges the future brings, the wide cooperation with Bureau Veritas is an important strength as there is always help to get whether it concerns ISO certifications, consultancy regarding transport of dangerous goods, or qualifying courses.

About Hansen & Søn A/S - Tricolore

Hansen & Søn A/S - Tricolore is a Danish, family-owned transportation and logistics company carrying out  transport tasks all over Europe four generations back. The company was established in 1916 and has 140 employees and more than 80,000 square metres ultramodern storage hotel.