Kran-Kompagniet is ready for growth with their ISO 9001 certification
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Kran-Kompagniet is ready for growth with their ISO 9001 certification

| 26. february 2019

In 8 years, the three partners Casper Petersen, Morten Eriksen and Mikkel Eriksen developed the company Kran-Kompagniet ApS from being three workers and a mobile crane to being a national crane company. The three partners agree that their core values of high quality and good service is the secret behind the company’s success.

growth created a need for AN ISO CERTIFICation

The three owners of Kran-Kompagniet have several times considered being ISO 9001 certified but the final decision was made in 2018 as the company had to solve larger and more complex tasks.

“We now have a size making us ready to bid for larger projects within the wind turbine industry, energy supply and infrastructure. To be considered for these projects, it is typically a requirement that you are ISO certified. Therefore, we contacted Bureau Veritas”, says CEO Casper Sørensen.

strong core values were a strength while implementing iso 9001

Even though the three owners have always focused on the quality of their work and their employees’ safety, it was quite thrilling when Kran-Kompagniet started investigating what it takes to be ISO 9001 certified.

“Luckily it has been a really positive process”, says Casper Petersen and continues “through the process we were confirmed that we are in complete control of safety processes regarding operation of cranes and the working environment. It was positive to be confirmed that our core values and large focus on quality and safety are okay. The processes only needed to be formalised in the ISO system”, he explains.

As the management and the employees talked and worked with the different subjects in the ISO system, they also implemented new ideas and improved actions.

good cooperation with Bureau Veritas

The three owners agree that it has been a positive experience to be certified by Bureau Veritas.

Casper Petersen admits: “To begin with we had some prejudices that we were going to meet an auditor talking consultant language which is very far from our daily life – luckily this was not the case. The cooperation with Bureau Veritas has been a positive experience”, and he elaborates “the lead auditor we talked to was first and foremost very flexible when we planned the audit. We experienced that she had an eye for our company, our everyday life and a really good understanding of our processes and not least how we could be even more acute”.

the certification has paid of

With the ISO 9001 certification, Kran-Kompagniet has already made new agreements due to the ISO certification. In addition to specific orders, the ISO certification means that Kran-Kompaniet today works more deliberately with their processes. At the same time the company emphasise that going through the organisation and its processes on the basis of the ISO standard was a good thing. They work constructively with the reports from the external audit and thus get even better and sharper on their own processes.

“In some areas we have achieved a more systematic approach – in other areas we get completely new ideas. We are conscious that we are constantly developing, and we work on improving actions all the time”, concludes Casper Petersen.