JORTON A/S documents its efforts with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 og ISO 45001, Bureau Veritas
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JORTON A/S documents its efforts with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

| november 23, 2020

Quality, environment and work environment have for a long time been an integrated part of the culture at the nationwide supplier of building and construction solutions, JORTON A/S. However, the company also wished to be able to document its efforts with certifications according to current standards.

”We experienced increasing demands from our business partners for us to be certified. It was hard to follow the requirements in the standards as we did not have an external inspection agency,” tells Allan Harbo, CEO at JORTON A/S.

Therefore, JORTON A/S has been certified in work environment according to ISO 45001, certified in environment according to ISO 14001, and recertified according to the quality standard ISO 9001. It was with great pleasure that Peter Worck Nielsen from Bureau Veritas Certification could hand over the new certificates.

More than just a certificate

The certifications have contributed to more than just the physical certificates at JORTON A/S. The employees daily use the management’s new management systems actively for systematic management and surveillance of processes with an influence on the company.

”The certifications have contributed to obtaining a good structure in our work, and this structure has now been implemented in the company. Furthermore, we also see the certifications as an external approval of our work which we use in our marketing,” says Allan Harbo.

JORTON A/S is very grateful for its investment in the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, as it strengthens the dialogue with external business partners and customers. At the same time, it strengthens internal processes in the company in close cooperation with employees.

Qualifying courses with new inspiration

The employees’ engagement has not been unnoticed by Bureau Veritas at the external audits at JORTON A/S. Several of JORTON A/S’ employees have attended different courses, and subsequently they have contributed with good input for the further certification process, tells Allan Harbo as he praises the external audits:

”There is no doubt that an external audit is a stress factor for many of our employees. However, after the audits we get positive feedback from our employees as they experience a constructive approach to having an audit where there is room for discussing conditions.”

Therefore, Allan Harbo is glad that the company chose to extend its cooperation with Bureau Veritas for more certifications. He emphasises that especially Bureau Veritas’ network was a positive contributing factor when the company had to choose a certifying body.

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