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Inmsystems A/S strengthens IT security with ISO 27001

| august 12, 2019

Big congratulations to Inmsystems A/S with its ISO27001 certificate by Bureau Veritas Certification Denmark.

Inmsystems A/S, who offers IT solutions for canteen operations, was able to celebrate its ISO 27001 certification on Monday, August 12, 2019 with a certificate award from the company in Taastrup, Denmark.

“Our customers entrust us with the treatment of, among other things, personal data, and we would like to document that we have a good handle on data security.” Explains the founder of Inmsystems A/S, Mogens Egeskov, while explaining that the company wanted a management system to manage IT security. This would ensure the following in the future:

  • Making sure the IT security is in order,
  • a sustained focus on it,
  • And continuously improving it.

“We deliver our IT solutions to the country's largest companies. They are very focused on data security, and with a certification we can continue to provide the right information to the right people at the right time and hereby ensure safe and satisfied users.” Says Mogens Egeskov.

"One fact is that our security is in order, another is being able to document it."

This means a lot to Inmsystems A/S as they in the future can document the company's IT security with an ISO certification.

"One fact is that our security is in order, another is being able to document it." Explains Mogens Egeskov and continues: "For our customers running corporate restaurants, it is crucial - especially when processing personal data. Our customers are, according to GDPR, responsible for the proper processing and storage of data. That is why we have chosen to be certified.”

Inmsystems A/S has been awarded their ISO 27001 certificate on the basis of audits conducted to assess whether the company meets the requirements of ISO 27001. The certificate must be renewed after 3 years and during that period of time Bureau Veritas Certification Denmark conducts regular audits in the company.

When we ask what the future brings to Inmsystems A/S, there are no doubt when asking the founder, Mogens Egeskov. He is convinced that the company's ISO 27001 certification will bring exciting new opportunities: “It will help open the market for us, as more and more focus on IT security.” He says.

About Inmsystems A/S

Since the year 1996, Inmsystems A/S has optimized canteen operations with IT solutions that reduce the administration time for kitchen staff and reception, so that they can focus on the good dining experience and the guest experience. It could be, for example, self-service kiosks, web portals with take away or meeting service with catering and booking in Outlook - tailored to the needs of the customer.

About ISO 27001

The international ISO 27001 standard specifies the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The system aims to enable the company to assess the risks it faces and to implement the measures needed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and continued accessibility of information (fire, theft, water damage, etc.).

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