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Bureau Veritas Denmark awards the first GDPR certificate in Denmark to Enversion A/S

| august 30, 2019

A huge congratulations to the IT company, Enversion A/S, who on Friday August 30 was able to celebrate its new GDPR certification with a certificate award at the company in Aarhus.

This means that Enversion A/S is the first company in Denmark to document its data security with a GDPR certification, and thus also the first Danish company, which is both certified according to GDPR and the ISO27001 standard for IT and information security.

ISO 27001 and GDPR certification strengthen future customer agreements

Enversion A/S approached Bureau Veritas Denmark because of the stricter personal data regulation, which resulted in a growing need to demonstrate the company's data and information security to current and future customers.

“With the entry into force of GDPR in May 2018, customers have increased their focus on documentation for compliance within IT and information security as well as personal data,” says Jytte Jensen and Sophia Nygaard Christensen from Enversion A/S.

Therefore, the two certificates provide completely new future opportunities for Enversion A/S, as it now has the evidence that the company meets the requirements of both the GDPR and the ISO27001 standard.

“With the certifications in house, we can now prove to customers that we are complying with the requirements for IT security and GPDR. This also makes it easier to enter into customer agreements.” Jytte Jensen and Sophia Nygaard Christensen explains.

About Enversion A/S

Enversion A/S is an IT company based in Aarhus, which since 2009 has been working to develop intelligent assistants to help clients make the best decisions based on proactive use of data. With professional competencies in data modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is the company's mission to provide the market's smartest data solutions and help to make people's lives better, happier and longer.

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About GDPR

The EU Personal Data Regulation tightens control over companies dealing with EU citizens' personal data and imposes heavy fines for non-compliance. That's why, at Bureau Veritas, we have developed, based on the content of the regulation, a technical standard and a voluntary certification program, so that you can document to your clients, employees and other stakeholders that you take data security seriously.

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About ISO 27001

The international ISO27001 standard specifies the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The system aims to enable the company to assess the risks it faces and to implement the measures needed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and continued accessibility of information (fire, theft, water damage, etc.).

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Pictured is Sophia Nygaard Christensen from Enversion A / S (right), the company's ISO27001 and GDPR certificate by Tanja Vinther-Bjerg from Bureau Veritas Denmark (left).