Safety advisory at Berner Danmark A/S
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Safety advisory at Berner Danmark A/S

| august 27, 2020

Berner Danmark A/S, supplier for the car and construction business, was not as confident with their previous safety advisor as they wished to be. It is naturally important to be confident with with your external safety advisor, emphasises Trine Sønderby, Chemical Consultant at Bureau Veritas HSE and the present safety advisor of Berner Danmark A/S:

”When you choose to hire an external safety advisor, the collaboration between the advisor and the company is very important. The safety advisor must take time to get to know the company and its activities so the company has a safe and comfortable feeling that the advisor knows the company and can act in connection with e.g. law amendments within exactly the areas the company works in”.

The uncertainty made Berner Danmark A/S look for another business partner who could cover the company’s requirements for professional and competent safety advisory. This made the company reach out for Bureau Veritas HSE, who was already a close business partner in other areas:

“We did not feel that we were in good hands with our previous safety advisor and as we already knew Bureau Veritas through our use of DGDoc for making safety documents it was natural for us to expand our cooperation. At the same time, the knowledge of our warehouse employees regarding ADR rules was about to be renewed and this traning Bureau Veritas also offers”, tells Thomas Gaardbo, Head of warehouse and logistics at Berner Danmark A/S.

An eye-opener with safety googles

Based on the already rewarding cooperation with Bureau Veritas, Berner Danmark A/S makes no secrect of the fact that their expectations of the new provider of external safety advisory were high.

“We wished to be reassured and confirmed that we did things safely as we always strive to do thing the right way in connection with clients but also in connection with our colleagues”, says Thomas Gaardbo and emphasises that their expections were very much met:

“Already at our new safety advisor’s first review, things were pointed out where we did not always live up to the requirements, and this was quickly corrected. And ideas and inputs for “nice to have” things like for instance a clearly marking of eye rising stations and moving these to more reasonable places were also discussed and implemented. What you face every day, often just become routine so it is healthy to see things with other eyes and it is even better if these eyes wear safety googles”, says Thomas Gaardbo smiling.

A close cooperation across requirements

Considering the company’s benefits, Berner Danmark A/S has no doubts that it was the right decision to expand their cooperation with Bureau Veritas HSE and let it cross varous requirements and services:

“We now have more and better self-regulation before we send something and are more aware of internal safety. In addition to this our cargo system, Consignor, now works together with Bureau Veritas’ DGDoc so it does not take many seconds to make safety documents for our shipments, which is a great relief in our forwarding department. As Bureau Veritas also makes sure that all information in the system is always up-to-date regarding new articles, etc., we are confident that all information in the system is always updated”, tells Thomas Gaardbo and emphatises the professional aspect as well as the personal.

“Bureau Veritas is always reachable and very solution-oriented, every time we call and ask questions. Our safety advisor has a very positive approach to things and speaks an easily understandable language and is good at communicating knowledge and information”.

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