Dangerous goods at Dyrup A/S

Handling of dangerous goods at Dyrup A/S

| august 27, 2020

When Dyrup A/S, the world’s largest manufacturer of paint, in the past contacted Bureau Veritas HSE, they were looking for a supplier of hazard labels. Dyrup A/S looked into several possibilities and do not hide the determining factor in the search for a supplier:

“The price was important, and Bureau Veritas had the best prices. In addition to that you had a sharp focus on hazard labels both in your range and knowledge” says Søren Naanberg, Teamleader Warehouse at Dyrup A/S and continues:

“Our request developed as you saw our needs and suggested solutions. Among other things, you suggested hazards labels, which can be used for the Danish as well as our export markets. Thus, we safe time and minimise the risk of errors when labelling dangerous goods. It is perfect to have a sparring partner giving you the feedback you need”.


Søren Naanberg furthermore emphatise the wide selection of services as being valuable for Dyrup A/S. Bureau Veritas HSE is also the company’s supplier of safety advisory, dangerous goods training and DGDoc – an efficient software for making transport documents.

“It makes it easier for us when various services are gathered at one provider. Then you are in contact with the same persons every time, and Bureau Veritas HSE really understands our business and our work. This gives the best resultS”, emphasises Søren Naanberg.

Dyrup A/S thus look forward to the future company adjusted training which is an established tradition in the company. In this way, Dyrup A/S ensures that all relevant employees are updated with the latest laws within dangerous goods. If the company needs to have a few employees trained along the way, they can always use Bureau Veritas’ open courses.


Even though employees at Dyrup A/S keep their knowledge about dangerous goods updated by means of different training opportunities at Bureau Veritas HSE, there will always be questions when you work with dangerous goods, underlines Else Marie Nielsen, Chemical Consultant at Bureau Veritas HSE and safety advisor at Dyrup A/S:

“If uncertaintees or challenges arise during the day, the employees at Dyrup A/S are very aware that disputed points regarding dangerous goods must always be clarified before starting the transport. In such cases they call our support number where one of our safety advisors is ready to help solving the actual problem”.

The company also has no doubts that a good lifeline is important during a working day “Your safety advisors are always ready to help. When we have some questions, you always answer. We have experienced action from the beginning and the cooperation with Bureau Veritas HSE completely meets our expectations. It is a very nice experience!” concludes Søren Naanberg.

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