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- Food Safety

Aug. 5 2019

The smart way to effectively manage food security

The daily handling of food safety and quality assurance routines must be easy, fast and effective. With digital SAFEOPS you get all that in one package - but the benefits don't stop there. You also get a quick overview of real-time data and focus areas so you can deliver safe foods to your customers - every day! Get introduced to your digital future for free at FoodTech 2018.

Food safety and good quality are an integral part of foodservice and retail. Daily measurements and recordings are essential for handling, and now it can be even easier. With the tablet-based IT solution SAFEOPS, registrations are digitalized and streamlined so that the employee can concentrate even more on his or her core task: to serve the customers. At the same time, all data becomes available to the local management, and if there are more devices, the benefits become even greater. Here, all data from all devices will be gathered into a real-time solution that provides an overview of effort and performance. Easy, fast and efficient.

To learn more about the digital and cost-effective solution that can be tailored to your specific needs, Lone Hansen, Business Developer & Food Inspection Manager at Bureau Veritas Nordic, will present SAFEOPS at FoodTech in Herning on 13-15. November 2018. Visit Bureau Veritas' booth at L 9120. Read more here...